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Ordering Back Issues of the Journal of JBS-USA And Other Catalogue Purchases

Before ordering any items from our catalogue, please contact Dan Shea at dshea@chorus.net to check availability. All proceeds from JBS catalogue sales benefit the programs of JBS.

Make your check or money order payable to JBS-USA, and send to JBS-USA, C/O Dan Shea, 3337 Conservancy Lane, Middleton, WI 53562. Note that we accept credit cards ONLY through Paypal. For information on Paypal, go to www.paypal.com.

Back issues 8, 9, 10, and 11 of the Journal of JBS-USA are offered on an as available basis at $9.00 per issue postpaid USA and $10.00 International (cash, international money order, or credit card through Paypal.)   

Issues 12 and 13 are priced at $11.00 per issue postpaid USA and $14.00 per issue postpaid international (cash, international money order, or credit card through Paypal.)

Please indicate clearly which issue(s) you want. Include your name, address, telephone number, and Email address with your order so that we can contact you if there are questions.  Highlights of the issues still available follow.

4Q99 Issue 8: Faust- The 12/17/53 Met performance with observations by Karl Hekler who was there; Good Singing Is Natural: Myles Fellowes’ 1940 interview with JB; Jussi and "No! Pagliaccio non son" by William Clayton; Jussi in the News; En Minnesbok Par t 4.

1Q2000 Issue 9: Andrew Farkas: "The Researcher’s Lot Is Not an ‘Appy One;" I Dub Thee by Cantor Don Goldberg; In the Spotlight; The Life and Art of Jussi Björling: a report by Enrique Gilardoni; Jussi and "Amor ti vieta" by William Clayton; En Minnesbok Part 5.

2Q2000 Issue 10: "The Golden Voices:Caruso to Callas" by Yoel Arbeitman; En Minnesbok Part 6, translated by Gail Campain; JB Analogies: "Same Recordings- Different Voices" by Kristian Krogholm; "Kung Heimer Och Asl ög" by Ellen L. Lienhard; Jussi in the News.

3Q2000 Issue 11: An Interview with Albert White by Louis Kaplan; Björling Rarities: A CD Review by Cantor Don Goldberg; En Minnesbok part 7; Jussi in the News; That Old desert isle by William C. Clayton.

Spring 2001 Issue 12: "Jussi Björling: The Supreme Singing of a Shy Man" by Stephen Hastings; "Yearning for the Unattainable: A Comparison of Jussi Björling's Four Recorded Performances of Beethoven's Adelaide" by Carla Ramsey; "Singing from the Heart" by Jurgen Kesting; En Minnesbox part 8.

Fall 2001 Issue 13: Jussi Björling at Carnegie Hall by Cantor Don Goldberg; Carnegie Hall by Hal Sokolsky; Jussi and the Gounod "Sanctus" by Don Pruitt; An Appraisal of the Vocal Art of Jussi Björling" by V.V. Timokhin; Jussi Björling's Record Season 1934-1935" by Bertil Bengtsson.

Special on Issues 12 and 13: For a limited time, purchase issue 12 or issue 13 of the Journal of JBS-USA postpaid to your USA zip code for $9 or get both issues for $12. 

If you live outside the USA, purchase issue 12 or issue 13 postpaid for $12 USD or get both  issues for $17 USD.

Questions? Contact us via Email: dshea@chorus.net



JBS is currently sold out of Jussi by Anna-Lisa Björling and Andrew Farkas and Harald Henrysson's Jussi Björling Phonography.

1998 and 1999 JBS-USA Collector’s Patches

1998 Patch: 3 inches in diameter with a white background and "The Jussi Björling Society-USA" around the outer edge in black lettering. In the center of the design is a black musical staff with red notes and a gold cleft.

1999 Patch: 3 inches in diameter with a white background; the lettering around the outer edge is in red: "The Jussi Björling Society – USA 1999." The center motive features an image of Jussi in black.

These patches look especially good stitched onto a cap or sweatshirt.

To order, send $5.00 for one patch ($4.00 tax deductible) or $9.00 for both ($7.00 tax deductible) to JBS-USA, C/O Dan Shea, 3337 Conservancy Lane, Middleton, WI 53562.  For payment options, see above. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.


JBS Bumper Stickers

JBS has two styles of 3" by 10" bumper stickers for sale. Both are an elegant blue and white design with a picture of Jussi: 

  • Jussi Björling: Simply the Best



JBS=USA Bumper Sticker


  • Jussi Björling: Legendary Tenor

Bumper stickers are priced at $5 each which includes shipping and handling or at 3 for $12. Please specify your choices clearly.

Videotapes of NYC Conference Now Available in Two Ways

Would you like to have a videotape souvenir of part or all of the main sessions of the October 24-26 events at JBS’s 2002 Conference? If so, here are two choices that we offer:

(1) Two 6-hour tapes of the eight sessions of Oct. 24-25, plus the afternoon session of Oct. 26 (Jellinek panel), recorded at Extended Play speed. Pricing for members of JBS-USA: $55 to your USA zip code; $60 for members living elsewhere. Pricing for non-members: $60 to USA zip code; $65 if you live outside the USA. All prices include shipping/handling.

(2) You select the sessions you want copies of, and you’ll get them on videotape, recorded at Standard Play speed. Please note that there is a two tape minimum for individual sessions . Pricing for members of JBS-USA: $10 per session/ tape to your USA zip code. Pricing for non-members: $12 per session/ tape. All prices include shipping/ handling. See the Conference Program above for titles of the following sessions:

(1) H. Henrysson

(2) A. Farkas, Anders & Lars Björling
(3) D. Guss

(4) A. Innaurato
(5) B. Crawford

(6) R. Zarbock
(7) S. Hastings

(8) S. Winner
(9) G. Jellinek & panel

Note: These tapes are only available in the NTSC format that is standard in North America and some other countries. (If your VCR can use only the PAL format, then our tapes will not work for you. Neither are we able to offer DVD copies at this time.)

To order tapes, email or write to JBS-USA, C/O Dan Shea, 3337 Conservancy Lane, Middleton, WI 53562 ( dshea@chorus.net) , sending check or cash (if negotiable by USA banks), or international money order. You also can pay via credit card, but only if you use the Paypal system. For more information on Paypal, go to www.paypal.com. (If using Paypal, the email address to use is askantz@iexposure.com and please note in the comment section that your payment is for 2002 video tapes)

Be sure to explain clearly which choice of programs you want to have.


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