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Do you have access to email? Do you enjoy discussing Jussi and other music-related topics?

Then consider joining our Björling discussion-group on Yahoo for more-or-less-daily discussions of Jussi and related topics about other great singers. You don’t have to participate actively at first, you can just “lurk,” to use the current jargon.

To subscribe (free), go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bjorling and register.

For example, here’s a recent posting to the list, with an interesting story about a Swedish fan of Jussi’s who belongs to the list:

Dear Friends,

Today I received an email from Harald Henrysson regarding a gentleman named Lars-Gunnar Åström, who had visited the JB museum and who wrote to Harald about his quite unique "listening" experiences. Harald replied and asked Mr. Åström if he would like to write something for our Yahoo group, which apparently he has followed for some time. I find this a remarkable story from a remarkable man. [posted by Mickey Dove]

Dear all people who love the great Jussi Björling:

My name is Lars-Gunnar Åström, born 1949 and I’m a great admirer of my countryman Jussi Björling, who I think is the greatest tenor ever. I remember so well when Jussi died. The newspapers wrote simply: Jussi Is dead. It was a hard shock that our beloved Jussi Björling died far too early.

Why did I write to all of you in the Yahoo-Group? Our friend Harald has invited me to tell you a different sort of story. I have with great interest followed the discussion in the Jussi-group. I have got some tips from you: to learn of Jussi’s recording of “Till havs” (“To the sea”) and Yrsa Stenius’ book “Tills vingen brister” (“Until the wing breaks”).
Thanks for these tips! Very interesting.

Yes, and when all of you are listening with your ears, I am listening with my hands.

Since I was thirteen, I have never heard anything. So then I am deaf. I have always been fascinated by Jussi. I have never heard him, but my mother listened often on the radio. I think I have heard him singing as a little boy but I don’t remember that. Thanks to the forum, my interest was awakened.

I myself sang much when I was a little boy for all who were willing to listen.

When I want to listen to Jussi I must sit near my PC. When the music begins I put my hands on both loudspeakers and feel the music, melody and rhythm. As I have heard many years earlier I remember how a violin, trombone, drums, piano and so on sound. When Jussi sings I can sometimes feel his voice. I close my eyes and my concentration is deep. Jussi´s “O holy night” is wonderful and when he comes to “people fall now down…….” I can feel that he sings high. In “Till havs” he sings with especially high powerful tones. When Jussi sings “Land du välsignade” is it as if he was singing about himself. “When I have ended my road, down to the shadows below, proud one remembers that I Swedish was…” (”Att när min bana jag ändat har, stigit till skuggorna neder, stolt man må minnas att svensk jag var…”). Jussi was a genuine patriot. He loved his country so when he was singing “Land du välsignade”, Jussi often became deeply moved.

Although there has recently been some negative publicity about Jussi, I think that he was a great ambassador for Sweden and he sang so wonderfully and that is what people remember best before and after his death.

Yes my friends! I’m glad to tell you a little about my interest for Jussi and Yahoo-group. Be glad that you can hear vith your ears! I myself am glad to “hear” with my hands!

To Don Goldberg, Daniel Shea, Kendall Svengalis, William Dove, Mickey Dove, Gail Campain, Donald Pruitt, Eric Wimbles, Hal Sokolsky and many more:

Thank you all so very much for your great and deep commitment that Jussi Björling´s memory will be kept in mind.

Best regards
Lars-Gunnar Åström

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